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Solar panels offer numerous benefits to homeowners, including energy savings, tax credits, and increased property values. But installing residential solar panels is a big job. An incorrectly installed system can result in higher costs, damage to your roof, or serious injury. If you’re thinking about solar power for your home, the professionals at Gusco can help. Our licensed electrician can help you select the best solar power system for your home and install it on time and on budget. We stand behind our work and guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Here’s a general look at the installation process and why it’s important to use a licensed technician for the project:

  • Install wiring between the electrical panel and solar power system
  • Attach racks to the roof (or other location) to support the solar panels
  • Panels are installed to the racking system
  • Connect the solar system’s inverter to the electrical panel
  • Install the power meter

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